Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radiohead & Running

I guess I'm at a time in my life where I want to do things I wouldn't normally do, not because I can't, but because I can. Such an example is the Radiohead concert I went to last night. Yeah the crowd was mainly college age or 20 somethings, (most of whom were in diapers when thier standout album OK Computer came out) but I've always wanted to see them. So I bought 2 tickets on a whim back in December after savoring thier new album In Rainbows and figured I'd find someone to go to the show with by the time they visited in May. Well, the show finally rolled around last night. And what a great show it was ! But my point here, is that in the past I wouldn't have even bought the tickets, and I would've wished I had gone but missed out on the opportunity. For what? A mere $30 ticket price and the fear of going to the show solo? (I did end up going with a co-worker who was suprised he'd somehow missed out on Radiohead all of these years) So I'm chalking last night up to progress of things to make and do.

As it pertains to my running, Radiohead is one of the artists I love to listen to on my runs. There is something about their music and Yorke's voice that takes me away and transends me away from the "pain" of running. During last years Peachtree Road Race, and my poor attempt to train for that race, i was left hurting more than usual until, 'Let Down' from OK Computer hit my ipod and sent me up and off. A true runners high for me was acheived, and something I won't easily forget. So for that I didn't want to waste my opportunity to "thank" Radiohead for all they've done for me.

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