Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things to make and do

I've got things to make and do. And simply, I've chosen to run to get it done.

Two weeks ago I finished my first Half-Marathon (the GO! St. Louis half-marathon) in 2:05:12, and have boldly decided to continue my training in order to run the Lewis & Clark Marathon (missed the Chicago Marathon deadline) in September. This is not a decision I've taken lightly. It's now more of a personal need, a need to know I can do it, to withstand the pain, and triumph in the accomplishment of a task I thought I'd never achieve. I will be posting updates here to keep me motivated and to journal the full experience.

I found this somewhere, but I think it best describes what got me going on this journey:
"A young boy who sees his father preparing for a workout sees more than just training for an upcoming race. He sees a man who is not only strong, but who is intent on making himself stronger. He sees a man who wants to be healthy, for his family as much as for himself. He sees the value of hard work and dedication in pursuit of a goal. He sees that self-discipline and the ability to persevere through the mundane are necessary steps to worthy achievement. In the simple act of going for a run, a man can be an example of a leader who is not afraid to accept a challenge, push through obstacles along the way, and attain victory."

So here begins, the life trials and tribulations of a man with 26.2 miles to go...

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